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Gran Canaria has one of the nicest climates in the world, and most days of the year are guaranteed to be warm and sunny. The hottest months are June to September, while the coolest are December to February.

Tourists can be found on Amadores beach any day of the year and a 'cool' day still means average temperatures of around 20 degrees C. The temperature stays between 25 and 35 degrees C for most of the year, which most people find pleasant. Some days are overcast but there is plenty to do in Amadores, as well as in the surrounding areas, so an overcast day does not need to be a wasted day.

The ocean gently laps at Amadores beach, although the bay is well-protected from the Atlantic, so do not expect big waves. The sea is an average of 20 degrees C, which makes it warm enough for swimming, yet bracing enough for cooling off. The hot weather is pretty much guaranteed throughout the summer and sometimes it even gets above 35 degrees C, so you will want to swim frequently or sit under a parasol for part of the day.

There are plenty of places to buy cold drinks and ice cream too. In the winter some days are breezy and a bit cool, but that is the risk you take going to the Canaries during the winter. It is sure to be warmer than back home, but the sun is not guaranteed during the winter months, although you will not have a whole week of bad weather, and when it rains it rains hard but usually only for a couple of hours. Rain is almost unheard of during the summer season.


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