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The Best Beach in Gran Canaria

Many residents of Gran Canaria (as well as tourists) would say that Amadores is their favourite beach on the island. So what is it that makes Amadores beach so special?

First, this manmade beach is in a convenient location. Just a short stroll from Puerto Rico, Amadores beach is within walking distance from many hotels. This 800 metre wide, horseshoe-shaped beach is lined with shops, bars and restaurants along the back, so if you are hungry, thirsty, bored, or you just want to get out of the sun for a while, you can do that easily. There are also shower facilities at Amadores beach, or Playa del Amadores as it is also known.

This beach received the Blue Flag award first in 2004, for its high standards in safety, management, environmental education, and water quality and continues to do so.  

Compared by some to the great Zuma Beach Malibu in California the beach at Amadores has great transport including plentiful buses as well as good parking facilities. Sun-loungers and parasols are available to rent for a few Euros, so you have everything you need. The bay is well-protected from the sea and is calm and perfect for swimming or paddling. You can snorkel a bit further out or even try scuba-diving.

The sand at Amadores beach is yellow and coarser than the powder-like sand at Anfi beach, which means it is comfortable to lie or walk on, but easy to brush off your skin.

There are bars and restaurants for every palate situated at the back of the beach, whether you fancy seafood, a salad, or a refreshing beer, and most of these open early and close late.

Although Amadores beach can get busy, especially at the weekend, you can always find a spot of golden sand to lie on and enjoy the warm Canarian sun. Playa del Amadores is Spanish for "lovers' beach" because this is a romantic place to spend the day or evening.


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