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Outtings and Nearby Attractions

Amadores does not have a harbour, which means you will need to walk a kilometer along the beach path to Puerto Rico harbour if you want to do a boat trip.

There, you will be able to choose from dolphin-spotting trips, sea-fishing, a glass-bottomed boat trip, a jet-boat trip, or ferries to either Mogan or Arguineguin. You can also find scuba-diving at Puerto Rico and a couple of shopping centres.

In the other direction you have Mogan, but you will need to get a bus or taxi there, because that is too far to walk. Mogan offers similar boat trips. If you do not want to leave Amadores, then you might like to try your hand at mini-golf.

There is one course in Amadores and another two in Puerto Rico. You might like walking and the pathway between Amadores beach and Puerto Rico is a relaxing half an hour walk, so you might like to try this in the evening when it is a bit cooler. Amadores itself is hilly and behind the beach and restaurant area there is not much except hills and hotels.

Head for Puerto Rico though and you can book other activities from there. You can also book tours and trips in your hotel.


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