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Food and Drink

Whether you are looking for a quick snack, a beer, or a sit-down meal at Amadores beach, there is something for everybody.

The London Pride is a popular English-style bar where you can enjoy a pint and watch the football or soaps. Porto Fino, The Irish Cottage, Bistro Salsa, Ciao Ciaos, Sinatra's, and Café del Mar are often recommended. These serve meat, chicken, fish, Canarian food, British food, and other popular meals like lasagna, fish and chips, pies, or sandwiches.

For something Spanish, try Restaurant Anexo, where you can order paella or kebabs with seafood or meat.

If you just want a drink, you can get this at any of the cafes or restaurants, and there are also shops where you can get ice creams, crisps, cold drinks, or sandwiches.

Some people like to take their own food to the beach but you can get meal deals in some of the restaurants, so it is often better to buy your food at Amadores beach.

Expect to pay five or six euros for a sandwich, cold drink and bag of crisps, for example. It might be slightly cheaper to make and bring your own, but then you have the problem of keeping everything cold.


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