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Best Seasons

The weather in Gran Canaria is warm almost all the time, and for that reason there is year-round tourism. However, there are a few things you should know about the weather before you book a holiday. The winter, November to March, tends to be warm and sunny in the coastal areas like Amadores beach, although it can be cool and cloudy inland. It might not be sunny every day but it should be sunny most days, especially in the south where Amadores is situated, with average temperatures of 22 degrees C.

If you do stay at Amadores during the winter, you might get a couple of cooler days, but there are plenty of trips you can go on, and sightseeing you can do, until the sun comes back out. In the summer, which lasts from June until early September, the weather can get very hot and it might even go over 40 degrees C. If you want to stay at Amadores beach during the summer, you should make sure your hotel offers air conditioning. The springtime and autumn are pleasant not too hot or too cool. There is no wet season exactly, although there is more chance of rain between December and February.

However, most of the rain falls in the mountains rather than on the coastline, making rain in the cooler months unlikely and rain during the summer almost unheard of.



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