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Amadores Beach - the best beach in Gran Canaria with the best deals!

Visit all year around to enjoy sun, sea and surf beside great food and comfortable accommodation.  Catch up your tan on the amazing beach.

Not just a great destination in itself but also a perfect launching point for exploring the rest of exciting Gran Canaria, Amadores Beach.  A multi-year winner of the prestigious Blue Flag award for clean beaches it has also facilities for access by the disabled.

Located near to great attractions like the the famous Mogan Market and in easy hitting distance of the facilities of Puerto Rico de Gran Canaria it is an unbeatable location for an unbeatable holiday in the sun!


Amadores is one of the most under-rated beaches on the island, so this site was created to bringing awareness to visitors of the greatest beach on Gran Canaria!

If you would like to know more about our favourite beach in the Canary Islands, then please contact us.






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